A Kind Act!

This past Sunday after church Terry and I had to go to the local Home Depot store to pick up filler sand for Terry’s project she was working on in the backyard. They also had 2 packs of 20# charcoal on sale as well. We ended up with quite a load since the filler sand bags were 60# and the charcoal was 40#.

On our cart we had 8 bags of the filler sand and 6 two-packs of charcoal. In other words a lot of weight. After we checked out I pushed the cart out to the truck to load all of the bags into the bed of the truck. Two gentlemen from Nigeria, who were obviously acclimated to heavy lifting and working outdoors, immediately came up and asked if they could lend a hand. The two of them with very little effort unload the cart in a matter of minutes.

Due to human nature, I expected them to ask for something in return for their help, but they looked at Terry and me and said “Have a wonderful day and be careful unloading when you get home.” Terry and I were amazed and were very thankful for the help. You never know when a random act of kindness will occur.

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